Membership fees - Annual Conference fees 2019/2020

In order to participate to the Annual Conference with a paper, a communication or a poster to the Annual Conference, authors have to previously register to the Association as  Standard, Young or Collective Members. The registration to the Association can be made concurrently with the registration to the Conference. Registrations after december will be valid for the next social year. The social year of AISRe lasts form July 1st of the current year to June 30th of the next year. 

Type of registrationAISRe membershipRegistration for the Annual Conference Totale
by 20/05/2019 after 20/05/2019
by 20/05/2019 after 20/05/2019
Senior Member - contributing author to a thematic session € 130 € 120 € 220 € 250 € 350
Senior Member - contributing author to an organized session € 130  € 100   € 200 € 230  € 330 
Senior Member - contributing author to a poster session € 130  € 50  € 160  € 180  € 290 
Senior Member - Session organiser € 130 € 0 € 160 € 130 € 290 
Young Member (1) contributing to a thematic / organized / poster session € 65 € 50 € 160 € 115 € 225
Collective member (2) € 1.300 (4) € 0
5 registered
€ 160  € 0 € 160
€ 50
by 6° registered
€ 160  € 50 € 160
Auditor not author of contribution (3)  € 0 € 120  € 120 € 120 € 120
Social Dinner   € 35   € 35  
Appetizer   €10   €10  

1) The term "young member" means anyone who has not yet reached the age of 35 on the date the conference commences. This condition must be demonstrated by sending a copy of an identity document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 2)  The registration fees for the Conference are individual and apply to participants in institutions that are registered with AISRe as collective members. For the first five members, participation in the Conference is free of charge. 3)Auditors are participants who are not authors of contributions presenting at the Conference. 4) The fee of € 1,300 is payable by the entity that registers as a Collective Shareholder and who also has the task of communicating the names of the five participants who can register for the conference free of charge.


AISRe Membership

AISRe Individual / Young membership includes:

  • subscription to SR- Italian Journal of Regional Science for the solar year that follows the year of registration;
  • subscription to RSAI (Regional Science Association International) that give right to the subscription to the on-line journal Papers in Regional Science for the solar year that follows the year of registration;
  • free participation to the educational and scientific workshops organised by AISRe;
  • Collana AISRe “Scienze Regionali” (Franco Angeli) published in the year of the registration;
  • registration to the Annual Conference.

AISRe Collective membership includes:

  • all the services dedicated to the members and the possibility to register to the conference up to three authors for free.

Registrations to the Association can be done simultaneously with the Registration to the Conference or at any other time. Registrations that occur after December are valid for the next fiscal year. AISRe fiscal year lasts from July 1st to June 30th. 

Registration to the Annual Scientific Conference

The registration to the Conference includes:

  • the participation to the works of Annual Conference and the access to the related services such as catering;
  • the bag with the material of the Conference (badge, program, leaflets etc.);
  • the participation to the social events of the Conference (eventually with the payment of an extra quota).

Users registered to the AISRe website

Please enter the restricted area of the website using your user-name and password.

Users not yet registered to the AISRe website

First of all, in order to access to the available services, users not yet registered to the website have to fill the registration form providing a valid email address, a user-name and a password.

Past AISRe members and authors who have already used the old on-line procedure for the submission of abstract/papers are already registered to the website. If you have forgotten your user-name or password please click here



The payment of the membership and registration fees can be done from the restricted area of the web site.

In the menu REGISTRATIONS, the total amount to be paid is automatically calculated on the basis of the selected options. You can pay with PAYPAL - Credit cards or, as usual, bank transfer on the account:

Account Name:       AISRe - Associazione Italiana di Scienze Regionali
Bank Name:       UniCredit
Branch Address:       Filiale Via Ruggero Settimo 26, 90141 Palermo
IBAN - International Bank Account Number:       IT80T0200804642000105085070
BIC/Swift - Branch Identifier:       UNCRITM1O55