AISRe is the Italian section of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA). It aims at being the main reference for the Italian community of Regional Science scholars.

In order to do that, the new web website of the Association (launched on February 2015), represents an important tool allowing for:

  • diffusing news on AISRe and its initiatives (events, books, reports, awards) and the  initiatives of other associations that received its patronage;
  • managing registrations and payments and, eventually, collect donations;
  • diffusing with creative commons license the volumes of the AISRe e-book series and other scientific products by the Association;
  • managing the abstracts, papers, posters and presentations submitted to the annual scientific conference;
  • archiving and diffusing the documents (programs, contributions, videos) of AISRe workshops and the old editions of the annual scientific conference;
  • providing information and knowledge in order to improve mutual acknowledgement and collaboration among the italian and foreign regional scientists.