In addition to its own events, AISRe gives patronage to initiatives of other institutions and associations. The patronage represents an important acknowledgement of the support and the adhesion AISRe gives to some specific scientific activities that favour the development of the Italian community of regional scientists. Patronages are assigned for free, that is without asking neither for monetary contributions nor benefits.


The condition for the assignment of AISRe patronage is the verification of the quality and scientific relevance of the initiative asking for patronage. The patronage is assigned at AISRe’s complete discretion and it is specifically addressed to award high-quality scientific, cultural and educational initiatives that are coherent with the institutional aims and interests of the Association. AISRe does not assign its patronage to profit activities, developed with commercial or entrepreneurial activities. Also, AISRe does not assign its patronage to the institution that submit the request for patronage but to the specific initiative. Some examples of initiatives receiving AISRe patronage are: the organisation of workshops, seminars, conferences, classes or other scientific and cultural initiative, included the publication of volumes.


Requests for AISRe patronage can be submitted by: Ministries, public authorities and public owned organisations; institutions, agencies, foundations and other not-for-profit organisations with cultural, educational or scientific aim; professional orders and colleges; public interest organisations; Universities, institutes and research centres of public interest.

Requests by organisations whose activities are coherent with AISRe institutional aims and eligible according to the abovementioned criteria will be also considered and evaluated.


Requests for AISRe patronage has to be addressed to AISRe Secretary and sent to the Secretariat email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Each request must illustrate the details of the event for whom the patronage is asked and it must also synthesise the reasons of the request. The requests have to be submitted some weeks before the beginning of the event for whom the patronage is asked.

AISRe logo

The patronage allows for the use of AISRe logo in the documents promoting the event (leaflets, brochures, reports, books) accompanied by the sentence “under the aegis of”. The final output has to be previously discussed and accepted by the Secretariat.