It is the online journal of AISRe. It started in 2011 and publishes six issues per year.

Main aims of Eyesreg are: i) to diffuse relevant regional science information among a larger and more diversified public than traditional journals; ii) to stimulate the scientific debate in a more intense and vivid way, with rapid reviewing and publishing and on line debate; iii) to offer a viable tool to rapidly get into contact and confront with policy makers, in order to provide them with hints and ideas to be considered and discussed before taking the decisions.

The innovative slant of the journal is primarily addressed to the discussion and publishing of short articles open to on-line comments. EyesReg seeks for methodological, theoretical and empirical works on the regional sciences.

Eyesreg is peer-reviewed and has ISSN.

La rivista prevede una procedura di referaggio dei lavori ed è dotata di ISSN, così da permettere la citazione dei suoi contenuti in altri contesti scientifici.